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My name is Claudius Gräbner and I am an economist working as a Junior Professor (W1 TT) at the Europa University Flensburg (Germany) and as a research associate at the Institute of Comprehensive Analysis of the Economy (ICAE) of the Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria). I am also a research fellow of the Institute for future-fit economies (ZOE).

My research is mainly concerned with the socio-economic effects of globalization, the determinants for international competitiveness, economic complexity, institutions and socio-economic development. Besides, I am also interested in economic methodology, in particular how economic models can be helpful in understanding real economic systems.

On this homepage I provide some information and material about the research projects I am responsible for, my teaching and lecturing activites, my research, and myself.

Current research projects

I am currently working on the following third-party funded research projects.

Funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

The project triangulates theories and methods from the social sciences and the humanities to shed light on the impact of an increasing reliance on “competitiveness” as a prime mode of social organization and as a core concept for designing institutions on different ontological levels. For more information visit the project website.

The green transition

and economic polarization in Europe

A multi-level assessment with Germany and Poland as case studies

Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Polish National Science Center (NCN)

The green transition

and economic polarization in Europe

A multi-level assessment with Germany and Poland as case studies

The project studies the implications of the European green transition on the national, regional, and local level, and whether heterogeneous impacts bear the risk of fuelling a socioeconomic polarization within the EU. It is planned to start in mid 2023. More information will be provided soon.

Completed research projects

Country capabilities, product complexity and finance in the EU

(05/2019 - 10/2020, funded by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, NISER )

International Competitiveness - A Multi-Level Assessment

(01/2020 - 12/2021, funded by the Austrian National Bank, OeNB )

For more information on my third-party funded project see this page. Information about my research in general can be found here.

Recent news

Click here for a full list of news and announcements.

New paper on trade models in the European Union

Posted January 30 2022

Together with some colleaques I have published a paper on "Trade models in the European Union". In this paper we study the factors underlying differences in trade performance across European economies and delineate six different “trade models” for 22 EU countries. We do so clustering countries on the basis of four key dimensions of trade performance: endowments, technological specialisation, labour market characteristics and regulatory requirements. Subsequently, we provide a comparative analysis of the economic development and trends in inequality across these trade models. The paper is available open access here.

Public lecture on "Agent-based modelling and complexity economics" at the University of Siegen

Posted January 27 2022

On January 26 I gave an invited lecture introducing the topic of "Agent-Based Modelling and Complexity Economics" (German: "Agentenbasierte Modellierung und Komplexitätsökonomik") at the University of Siegen. The talk was on German an was meant as a first overview. You can find the slides here.

Presentations at the 2023 ASSA meetings

Posted January 11 2022

I gave a presentation at this year’s AFEE session on “Dependency and Structuralism in the Current Crisis” during the ASSA meetings in New Orleans. The title was “Degrowth and the Global South? How institutionalism can complement a timely discourse on ecologically sustainable development in an unequal world” and it extends another paper of ours by asking how institutionalist contributions can help addressing blind spots in the current discourse on degrowth and the Global South. The slides are available here, and the current draft of the underlying paper here. Earlier, my colleague Theresa Hager presented a joint paper of ours at the ICAPE conference earlier. The current version of the paper, which analyzes the merger of “competitiveness” and “sustainability” in the current development model of the EU can be found here.

Keynote on "Applied Economic Methodology" at the Second Philosophy & Economics Conference in Vienna

Posted September 29 2022

I was invited to give a keynote on the merits and challenges of an "Applied Economic Methodology" at the Second Philosophy & Economics Conference in Vienna. In my talk I argue that concepts developed from economic methodologists can greatly help in improving actual economic practice. During the discussion, some of the methodologists in the audience pointed out that in their experience, most economists were less receptive for the work of methodologists - something that I find very sad and hopefully changes in the future. You can find the slides of the talk here.

New paper on the evolution of debtor-creditor relationships within a monetary union

Posted June 7 2022

Me and my colleagues developed a model of a monetary union that is characterized by strong differences in terms of the competitiveness of its members. In our most recent paper, which has been published in the journal Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, we explore the implications for economic dynamics, as well as possible policy measures to stabilizes such a monetary union. The paper is available open access here.

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