The Political Economy of Economic Complexity

Models, Data and Policy

Workshop at the 2019 EAEPE Pre-Conference for Young Scholars

This page contains all information and material for the course "The Political Economy of Economic Complexity: Models, Data and Policy" taught during the "Pre-Conference for Young Scholars". Try to read into the core readings in advance, the other readings are optional.

General information about the course

Here are some general information about the course.

Tentative course outline

Zip file with course readings

Lecture slides

The tentative slides are posted in advance. They will not change fundamentally but might be adjusted shortly before or after the presentation. I upload the final presentations after the workshop.

Section 1: Introduction & motivation: drivers of socio-economic development

Section 2: Introducing the Economic Complexity Index (ECI)

Section 3: Practical exercises and assessment of the CAD

Section 4: Applications & discussion

Data sets for the practical exercises

Data on GDP (Source: World Bank)

Example code

Will be added shortly

Useful links

The Atlas of Economic Complexity (Harvard University)

The Observatory of Economic Complexity (MIT)

Some material is password protected for copyright reasons. The password is available upon request