Lecture material

Material for talks and public lectures

 Here I started to collect material used in smaller courses or invited talks.

29.09.2022: German public lecture on "Agent-based modelling and complexity economics" ("Agentenbasiertes Modellieren und Komplexitätsökonomik"), given at University of Siegen.

29.09.2022: English keynote on "Applied Economic Methodology", given at the Second Philosophy & Economics Conference in Vienna.

06.09.2022: English guest lecture on 'Automation and inequalities: The merits of a pluralist research program in the context of automation", given at the EAEPE Pre-Conference for Young Scholars

02.05.2022: German guest lecture "Liegt die Wahrheit irgendwo dazwischen? Eine plurale Perspektive auf globale Ungleichheit" given at the University of Tübingen during the public lecture series "Economic Crises and the Crisis of Economics" (organized by the group Rethinking Economics Tübingen).

16.12.2021: English guest lecture "Pluralism in economics & beyond - How a plurality of paradigms helps understanding socio-ecological challenges" given at the Europa-University Flensburg during the Sustainability and Energy Lectures.

03.12.2021: German keynote "Komplexitätsökonomik - Eine kurze Einführung" given at the FU Berlin at the invitation of the group Kritische Wirtschaftswissenschaftler*innen.

17.11.2021: German Keynote "Komplexitätsökonomik - Ein Gegenentwurf zur neoklassischen Gleichgewichtsökonomik?" given at the Zeppelin University at the invitation of the group EconoMix.

19.10.2021: German Keynote "Was ist Plurale Ökonomik?", given as a short inaugural speech to the public lecture seriesl of the initiative Rethinking Economics Kiel at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel. [Available on Youtube]

09.06.2021: German Keynote "Warum braucht es Plurale Ökonomik?", given together with Birte Strunk for the Gesellschaft für Plurale Ökonomik Wien.

29.05.2021: German Workshop "Challenges for pluralism in economics"/"Herausforderungen einer pluralen Ökonomik", given during the spring school of the German Network for Pluralism in Economics

20.-25.01.2020: Seminar "Agentenbasierte Modellierung in der Ökonomik" an der Cusanus Hochschule

11.-12.09.2019: Short course on 'The Political Economy of Economic Complexity: Models, Data and Policy', given at the EAEPE Pre-Conference for Young Scholars

02.09.2019: Keynote 'Pluralism, complexity and the effective triangulation of methods', given at the NEEC Summer Schoool on Complexity Economics, Behavioral Economics and Data Science

09.-16.08.2019: Course on 'Complexity Economics: Theory and Computational Methods', given at the Exploring Economics Summer Academy 2019