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Available working papers

Claudius Gräbner (2016): The complementary relationship between institutional and complexity economics: The example of deep mechanismic explanations.

Claudius Gräbner (2016): From realism to instrumentalism - and back? Methodological implications of changes in the epistemology of economics.
Link to the working paper (MPRA).
Claudius Gräbner, Torsten Heinrich and Muhamed Kudic (2016): Structuration processes in complex dynamic systems - an overview and reassessment.
Link to the working paper (MPRA).
Torsten Heinrich and Claudius Gräbner (2015): Beyond Equilibrium: Revisiting Two-Sided Markets from an Agent-Based Modeling Perspective.
Link to the working paper (MPRA).

Brais Alvarez-Pereira, Christine Bale, B. Alves Furtado, J. Gentile, Claudius Gräbner, Heath Henderson, and Francesca Lipari (2015): Social Institutions and Economic Inequality. Modeling the onset of the Kuznets Curve

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