Computational Economics: An Introduction to the R Programming Language

@ University of Bremen, Fall 2015 (together with Dr. Georg Schwesinger)

I teach half of the sessions in this course. The introductory sessions were taught by Georg Schwesinger

General Information

A summary with a preliminary structure of the course can be dowloaded here.

If you need some more motivation: Here are some general resons to learn R. This interesting article in the New York Times is about the growing use of R inside and outside academia. This article explains why R in a great investment for your further career, especially if you want to become a good manager and this (incomplete) list gives you an idea about which companies are using R.

You can download the actual version of R here. In the course we will use the IDE RStudio. If you are interested in the history of R, have a look at the this article. You may also check out the R-bloggers webpage, that offers valuable tutorials, keeps you up to date about recent developments and even posts jobs connected to R.

Please ensure that in case you use your own laptop (which we strongly recommend), you install R before the first lecture. Usually there are no problems to be expected. There are also a lot of tutorials on youtube out there (just google it). In case you have difficulties you can also contact us directly.